HVG 420 / HVG 460

The vertical lift operator is a real problem solver. The HVG opens more quickly than most other types, as the gate needs to travel only sixteen feet vertically instead of twenty to thirty feet horizontally. A vertical lift operator entirely eliminates gate hardware, greatly improving reliability, and likely lowering the whole system cost. We feature two models and two speeds, allowing applications for gates that weigh up to 2,000 pounds, gate widths to 80 feet and speeds up to two feet per second. The lifting mechanism is totally contained within the towers, counter-weighted, and controlled from a remote hydraulic panel. Each tower employs a separate hydraulic motor.


• Two models to choose from:
HVG 420 / HVG 460 - 1000 lb / 2000 lb capacity.
- Std Version - 1 ft/sec. lifting speed
- Ex Version - 2ft/sec. lifting speed
• Gate widths to 75 ft possible
• Reliable Hydraulic Mechanism
• Rated for continuous duty
• Both towers are driven
• Sixteen-foot opening height standart
• Custom height available
• Gate is fully counterweighted with concealed weight
• Extremely low maintenance
• Operates within its own footprint
• Fully campatible with all standart access control equipment
• Operator post is treated with an industrial galvanized finish to provide excellent corrosion resistance
• All components are designed for removal during service