The Infinity Systems combine the convenience of telephone entry with the flexibility of access control for simple, affordable, and yet extremely powerful systems. The Infinity Systems are designed with an extensive feature set, maximum reliability and expandability to meet today's needs and tomorrow's growth. Say goodbye to multiple systems and old-style directories, and say hello to the industry standard, the Infinity by Sentex Systems.

Whether using a single name per page with quick name search, like the Infinity "S" or "M", or the industry favorite, Infinity "L" with 24 names per page, the user will locate the prospective name in seconds. The electronic LCD displays are viewed easily in direct sunlight and total darkness since each unit has oversized letters, a very high contrast ratio, and a bright backlight. Where applications do not call for an electronic display, we offer a paper directory insert that has all the features of the Infinity without the LCD display. And when additional doors or gates need to be controlled without the telephone entry needs, the Infinity "B" is utilized as a standard access control panel.

Infinity systems allow for the entire 2000 name directory to be scrolled in less than 10 seconds. Locating the individual is easy since names are automatically placed in alphabetical order as they are entered. The names and phone numbers can be entered through a lightweight, compact handheld programmer, the panels keypad, or the SPS for Windows Based Software which allows communications through a standard phone line to the Infinity's built-in modem. Whichever method you select, guided prompts ensure programming time is kept to a minimum.

Each Infinity control panel can support card and code access for two doors or gates. An Infinity can be networked with other Infinity panels allowing support of up to 32 card readers for securing other access control entrances, such as a lobby door or vehicle entrance. Perfect for any size office building or gated community.

As with all our Telephone Entry Systems, the Infinity also boasts a multitude of features that make the installation quick, operation simple, and management effortless. If you want a rugged yet attractive telephone entry and access control system, then the Infinity is the clear choice.

The Infinity "S" contains a two-line 16-character LCD display. The top line lists the intended party's name and the bottom line lists the directory code to enter. Once entered, the Infinity will check the programmed memory for the respective phone number and initiate the call. Once the call is answered, the resident presses the "9" key (or "5") to authorize access, or can hang up to deny the request. The Infinity "M" is identical to the "S" except the LCD display supports larger font sizes and includes a recessed lighted keypad and is camera ready.

The Infinity "L" (large display) boasts a patented LCD display allowing 24 names per page with 13 characters each, or 12 names using 35 characters. Regardless of the selected format, the names are easy to view because of the oversized characters and a very bright backlight.

When a paper directory already exists or is all that is needed, the Infinity DI (directory insert) includes all the features and capacities of the Infinity systems excluding the LCD display.

The Infinity "B" can be integrated with other Infinity Telephone Entry Systems or installed separately to control all your access needs. The "B" panel does not include a LCD display and is typically mounted in a closet or telephone room.

All units are housed in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure and can be installed inside or outside because they are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions and vandalism. Regardless of the unit chosen, all features and functions are identical and can be hands-free or utilize a handset.

If an entry point has been forced open or the door held open beyond a predetermined length of time, the panel can be configured to initiate an alarm call to a central station. Other enhanced features included in the Infinity Systems are time zone control for cardholder and access code usage, automatic gate or door lock/unlock cycles, access code restriction by number of uses, elevator control, and CCTV.


• Inherent obstruction sensing
• Unlimited access levels
• Eight time zones
• Timed and true anti-passback
• Auto-expiration date of cards
• Use-limited cards and codes
• Burglar alarm shunt output
• Full-duplex audio communications
• Four- or five-digit entry codes
• Long distance and PBX dialing
• Tone/Pulse dialing
• Variable directory code length
• Programmable talk time of 15 to 250 seconds
• Multiple panels on single phone line
• Controllable system relays
• Programmable relay times of one to 63 seconds
• Internal modem for remote communications
• Battery backup for clock and events
• Lightning protection on inputs
• Non-volatile memory
• Postal lock provision