SL 575

The LiftMaster® SL575 is a reliable continuous-duty operator for use on heavy-gate applications in commercial and light industrial locations. This resilient operator offers many standard features such as dual gate operation, sequenced access management, diagnostic LEDs, and more. The SL575 supports gate lengths up to 50 feet and gate weights up to 1,800 pounds, making it ideal for commercial and light industrial installations.


Power - 0.5 Hp and 1 Hp
Voltage - from 115/60 (1 phase) to 600/60 (3 phase)
Max. length & weight - up to 50 feet @ 1800 lbs
Cycles - 20 per hour
Dimensions - 31 3/8" (H) x 27 ¼" (W) x 17 3/8" (D)
Warranty - 1 year

Main futures

Full System Capability
The SL 575 can be used with a manual override switch installed at a guard station and/or a 3rd party access control system to permit visitor access.The open request from either system will initiate the appropriate cycle.

Automatic Shut Down
This circuit will automatically shut off the operator. For example, it will prevent the motor from continuously running if the chain has broken.

Inherent Obstruction Sensing
A built-in Hall Effect sensor is used to monitor the rotational speed of the drive system. If this speed changes during opening or closing, the operator will stop and release pressure on the obstruction.

External Obstruction Sensing
In addition to the inherent obstruction sensing, the SL 575 operators provide terminal connections for external devices such as photo eyes.

Master/Slave Operation
If there is a requirement for two separate gate operators to operate in unison at a single entrance, the SL 575 can be configured as a master/slave and right/left operation to ensure consistent open and close cycle for both operators simultaneously.This configuration is made simple with the utilization of a two wire communication connection.

Gate Movement Warning
For enhanced safety, a built-in warning alarm can sound three seconds before running and during the movement of the gate. This is a selectable item with the use of dip switch settings.

Long Distance Control Wiring
An external device, such as an exit request, may be hard wired up to 1000 feet from the operator to initiate the appropriate cycle.

Built-in Right Hand / Left Hand Selectable
The SL 575 provides a switch to set the operator to be used in a right or left hand configuration.This prevents you from having to make any modifications to the operator regardless of which side of the gate it is installed.

Mechanical Disconnect
A disconnect is installed for manual operation of the unit in an emergency or during maintenance

Solenoid-Activated Brake
The solenoid-activated brake is a holding brake to prevent anyone from manually back-driving the operator to force the gate open. The brake also acts as a stopping brake for more precise gate positioning at limit points and at mid-travel stops.

Timer to Close
An adjustable timer (1 - 180 sec.) is used to close the gate after a pre-determined time has expired. A "defeat" jumper is also included in the event the feature is not required.

Delay on Reverse
When the operator has reached its maximum opening point, the SL 575 will delay the return momentarily to prevent shocking of the motor and gate.

Control Station
A one button (Emergency Stop) control station is included pre-assembled, with the unit, for safety and manual stopping operations.

Limit Switches
All driven limit switches are fully adjustable to add convenience to your installation and maintenance.