Loop Vehicle Detector

Reno A&E. Single channel, inductive loop vehicle detector, with built-in diagnostics, utilizing non-volatile memory.


Advanced Diagnostics: Low Voltage, Open Loop, and Shorted Loop Conditions.
Non-Volatile Memory insures loop diagnostics are not lost when power is removed.
Automatic Reset Internal Fuse (24 VAC versions only), provides fuse & circuit protection.
Detect Memory helps prevent detection drops during short power interruptions.
Sensitivity Boost, for gate operation where high profile vehicles might be encountered.
2-Second CALL Delay.
Dual Programmable relays offer selectable modes of operation:
Output A: True Presence™ (Infinite) or Limited Presence.
Output B: Presence or Pulse on Entry or Pulse on Exit.
FAIL-SAFE and FAIL-SECURE versions available.
4 loop frequencies selectable from the front panel.
8 levels of sensitivity.
Super bright LEDs provide separate power, DETECT, & loop FAIL indications.
11 pin rear "Amphenol" and 10 pin rear "MS" connector versions available.
Configurations available: 24 VAC, 120 VAC, 240 VAC, 12 VDC, & 24 VDC.

Sensing edges

MillerEdge. Designed specifically for easy installation on standard 2" round or square frames, the MGR20 and MGS20 offer 3-sided activation for an added measure of protection. When touched, these electrically activated edge sensors immediately signal the gate operator to stop and reverse. The sleek design will not detract from the appearance of the gate.


Color: Black
Length: per specification to nearest ¼"; maximum length is up to 10 feet
Sensitivity: nominal 4 psi
Lead Wire: SJTO, 18 gauge, 10 ft. length
Wire Outlet Location: specify universal, right, or left side
Electrical Requirements: 24 volt AC or DC, ½ amp
Electrical Diagram: 2 wire N.O. configuration
Contact Element: Alumaglas®
Materials: Base = rigid extruded PVC; Cover = flexible PVC
Temperature Range: -30ºF to +155ºF