Parktac is an investment in quality. Built on proven technology, the system is virtually maintenance-free. Parktrac's proven capabilities in parking at hospitals, office complexes, airports, hotels, supermarkets, municipalities position the company to address the complete range of automatic parking system requirements. Parktrac's open architecture allows you to select from a number of available modules to create the system that's fight for you.

Entry / Exit stations
Parktrac Entry / Exit stations accommodates a wide range of access methods. Customers can pock up a standard parking ticket, imprinted with a unique barcode, to be paid for later at a payment terminal or a cashier terminal. Alternatively, customers may supply a debit or credit card at entry station. Regular customers can pock up a proximity card upon entry or insert seasons, congress, pool or stored-value card for validation. Like all components of the Parktrac system, the entry / exit stations maximizes flexibility, durability and usability.

Payment terminal
Customers find the Parktrac payment terminal immediately recognizable and easy to use, in part because it makes use of familiar design of bank machines and ATM's. Attractive and durable, the terminal suits virtually any environment. Because of its modular construction, the payment terminal is customizable: like all components of the Parktrac system, the payment terminal can be be designed to meet your specific needs.

Barrier gate
TPA designed its barrier gate to protect your customers by making the safety of their vehicles a priority. The gate activates the traffic lights only when passage is truly free. You can choose to fit the barrier arm with plastic bolts that break off in the event of a collision, minimizing damage to the vehicle and to the gate itself. In multi-level car parks, a folding barrier arm deals with limited ceiling heights.

Management station
The Parktrac management station offers remote access to your entire parking system. The user can clearly view all stations and parking areas, configure the system, update software and communicate with outstations as needed. The management station also provides comprehensive management information and reporting functions that make it easy to track information and generate statistics, tables and reports..