The AUTOkey system provides the convenience of standard radio frequency transmitters plus the security of programmable card access for long-range access control with supported distances up to 200 feet away. The stand-alone unit is programmed using a built-in keypad and audio feedback so a computer is not required. Transmitters can be restricted based on time zones and/or gate location.

If you own multiple vehicles and need to carry the identification device with you, our portable transmitters can be utilized. Or if the same vehicle is used on a daily basis, you can utilize our "visor" style. Mounted on the overhead visor in the car, or the convenience of placing the transmitter on a key chain so it is always with you, the operation is simple and the information secure.


• 4.2 million transmitter codes
• Battery backed, 365-day clock
• Built-in LED programmer
• Non-volatile memory to ensure database is retained
• Bulk transmitter entry & deleting
• Three relays
• Programmable relay times up to 250 seconds
• Lightning protection on inputs
• Event printer output
• Optional Remote Ground Plane Antenna
• Up to 8000 Cardholder Capacity